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Competition results for 2005

May - July 2005
Group stages
1. Molmanthaii  (1)  - DCIP Milan (1)
2. Molmanthaii (0)   - Ittihad (4)
3. Molmanthaii (0)   - Waja Juniors (2)
4. Molmanthaii (3)  - Hartamas FC (1)
    Lee (3)
L-s-r pool
Molmanthaii (2)  - Sepang FC(1)
Lee, Tan
Molmanthaii (2)  - Star Hill Academy (1)                      
Tiger, Ron 
Bersatu  Kita  Teguh
United We Stand
2005 VETERAN LEAGUE...July-September 2005
1.Molmanthaii (2) - Waja FC (6)
   Tan, Wan
2.Molmanthaii (5)  - Mega touch (3)
   Tiger(2) Tan, Kit Barry
3. Molmanthaii (7) - Cheerfool (3)
    Tan (3) Wan (2) Eddie, Barry

Match comments:
Molmanthaii Vs Waja FC..5pm 7/8/05
        (2)                         (6)
Waja Fc represented  Malaysia in an international invitaional futsal competition in Indonesia earlier this year. Waja Fc fielded a team comprising of former National & State players..most notably Jayakanathan the ex Selangor player. While MMT tried to defend against the mighty Waja, there were some chances  for MMT too. Being 2-0 down in the first 10 minutes, MMT fought back and the tiredless Tan scored a deserving  goal. However, Waja with their international experience extended their lead to 3-1 before the end of first half.
In the second half Waja's pressing game was marred by occasional bad passing and unexpected defensive errors...which resulted in  Wan added a second goal to MMT.  MMT was however unable to maintain the score at 3-2 . At the later part of the game, MMT's defence were outplayed by the sleek passing and accute positioning of Waja FC. Waja added 3 further goals to end  the game as winners at 6-2.
None of the players could be blamed for the lost as Waja FC was undisputedly the better terms of organisation and skills. Losing to a better team was indeed a learning experience for the  players of MMT.  
MMT: Ivan, Tan, Eddie, Din, Wan,Barry, Ron.
Rating 2/5: learning experience.
Man of the match :  None
Goals : Tan , Wan. 
Reported by ivan 070
Molmanthaii Vs Megatouch 21/8/05
        (5)                     (3)
Megatouch defeated MMT 3-1 in another  tournament back in 2003. MMT fielded a team comprising of Ivan, Tan,Din, Tiger, Eddie ( Barry, Ah Kit and Wan).
Tiger opened scoring from some neat passing  in the 5th minute. Megatouch were awarded a penalty for the 5th foul commited by MMT. Ivan went the right way and managed to push  the ball up to the cross bar but Megatouch scored from the rebound. Score tied 1-1 at first half.
Megatouch scored a surpise goal at the beginning of second half as the  the ball went thru the legs of Tiger and neatly  to the right side angle of the goal. At this juncture, the lead 2-1 has given Megatouch some attacking inspiration. A ball  from the kick off was robbed by Megatouch and was slammed from the middle of the pitch directly to the right side of MMT's goal....resulting in an inevitable dive from ivan, parrying the ball out. 
MMT started to attack continously and it was evident from the game that we wasted many golden opportunities..the lack of control and finishing at the crucial moments. Ah Kit scored the second goal for MMT from a sneak attack orchestred by Tan...Tiger got the third from a goal mouth scuffle. Megatouch slowed down their play and concerntrated  in defending and counter attacking. 3-2 up MMT continued their attacking play and was rewarded by a goal from Wan. Megatouch continues to attack MMT on the break. Ivan saved a thundering shot from the middle of the pitch and again parried out a rebound header. At 4-2 down Megatouch tried to counter attack MMT and was given a deserving goalwhen their no.10 wrong footed  the last man of MMT and kicked the ball beyond Ivan's reach. Wan finnaly secured the points for MMT  when he nodded home an easy goal for MMT towards the end of second half. 
MMT: Ivan, Tan, Eddie, Tiger, Din, Wan,Barry, Ah Kit
Rating 3/5: First win and better team work.Entertaining but lacked finishing.
Man of the match : The entire team.
Goals : Tiger (2) Tan, Kit Barry
Reported by ivan 070
Molmanthaii Vs Cheerful..6pm 28/8/05
         (7)                   (3)
From the previous week's victory MMT was instilled with new  belief and confidence.
MMT played against a relatively unknown team...and was more than surprised with the 7 goals in the match. MMT's played with much confidence and composure. Ah Kit was playing as the replacement  keeper and was hardly troubled by Cheeful's attack. MMT's attacks were fast and potent. Few miss chances but overall satisfying. MMT were 4-0 up before half time. A score which suggests that the match was in MMT hands. Wan was in the sub bench for a long time and when he finally came on, the game was  already beyond Cheeful's reach.It must be noted that the occasional lapse of concentration and MMT being over zealous in attacking has has resulted in Cheeful scoring 3 goals. 
MMT: Ah Kit, Tan, Eddie, Din, Barry (Wan & Ron)
Rating 3/5: Vintage MMT play.
Man of the match : Tan (hattrick) Composed defending and great attacking flair.
Yellow card: Eddie.
Goals : Tan 3, Wan 2, Eddie 1, Barry 1
Reported by ivan 070
Molmanthaii Vs Gomez Boys..5pm 4/9/05
      (2)                     (4)
A tough game for MMT. Gomez Boys have an excellent game plan and they were simply a class above MMT. Gomez Boys defended the game well and did counter attacks on MMT. Gomez Boys were the fitter team and took their chances well. MMT were trailling at 0-1 at half time, a result which is respectable for MMT.   
MMT: Ivan, Tan, Eddie, Din, Wan,Barry, Ah Kit,Ron.
Rating 2/5: learning experience.
Man of the match :  None
Goals : Tan , Wan. 
Reported by ivan 070
Molmanthaii Vs TNSB..5pm 12/9/05
      (3)                     (5)
MMT suffered their 2nd consecutive defeat in the hands of TNSB. It must be said that MMT created more attacking opportunities while TNSB took their chances well.
MMT took the lead early with a fine goal from Tan. However, TNSB equalised and added two furhter goals to end  half time 3-1. In second half Wan's goal made the score 3-2 and added fierce competition to the game. Owing to some defensive error,TNSB managed to increase their lead to 4-2. Din scored his first goal for MMT with a thundering shot which landed inside the right hand post of TNSB's goal.
MMT played with attacking flair but was somehow denied by lady luck. It was a match of fruatsration for MMT as they created more attacking chances and had beaten the TNSB keeper on many ocassions but were denied by the post.  While MMT has more attacking chances, TNSB were more potent with their chances and were assisted by some  poor defending. The game were ended by a final goal by TNSB. The score 5-3 did not do justice to MMT. 
MMT: Ivan, Tan, Eddie, Din, Wan,Barry,Tiger
Rating 2/5: learning experience.
Man of the match :  None
Goals : Tan , Din, Wan. 
Reported by ivan 070
Molmanthaii Vs ABC Fc..5pm 19/9/05
      (6)                     (2)
MMT: Ivan, Tan, Eddie, Din, Wan,Barry,Tiger (Ron)
Rating 3/5:entertaining.
Man of the match :  Eddie
Goals : Eddie 2, Ron, Wan 3. 
Reported by ivan 070

Bersatu  Kita  Teguh
United We Stand
 BY IVAN 070
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